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I am a highly competent and professional system engineer specialized in verification and validation process (V&V) with seven years of international experience with large-scale projects in the european defence industry.

In 2012 I became IBM certified professional for the IBM Rational DOORSTM v9, I have great proficiency in the requirements management for highly complex products.

Since 2013 team leading is part of my working experience: scheduling and prioritisation of tasks; allocation and guidance of team members in fulfilling the assigned tasks; monitoring progress and ensuring that action plans are completed; team skills development; communicating effectively with the staff, and assigning tasks; reporting to management.

I am a specialist of Atlassian JIRATM for project and bug tracking, with proficiency in customising to meet company process and organisational needs. I do use Atlassian ConfluenceTM for content management and to share knowledge within the team.

I eager to expand upon current knowledge and experience by undertaking new challenges and learning new skills.


Requirements Management

Qualification and Acceptance Process

Test Engineering

International Standards: INCOSE, MIL-STD-499B, ISO/IEC-15288.


IBM Rational DOORS v9™ & DXL Scripting0

Atlassian JIRA0

Basic Programming (C++, PHP, Python)0

IBM Rational Publishing Engine0

Microsoft Office 2013™ & VB Scripting0


Organized and deadline oriented

Problem solving, eye for detail.

Solution focused


Good understanding of policies, guidelines and procedures.



Mother Tongue





Requirements Management with IBM Rational DOORS
Requirements Management with IBM Rational DOORS

Boost your requirements definition process with IBM Rational DOORS the world leader Requirements Management solution. Improve the communication, collaboration and verification troughout your organization and supply chain.  IBM Rational DOORS lets you capture, trace, analyze and manage changes to information while maintaining compliance to regulations and standards.

New to this? I am specialised in short, focused engagements that leave my clients well equipped to get the maximum value from their DOORS installation. I will work with you to identify the information that it is appropriate to capture in DOORS. I will then focus on your information management processes, helping you to adapt existing processes to work with DOORS or, where no processes exist, recommending best practice processes which I know will work for you.  Finally, I will implement the agreed configuration for you.  If required, I can also train your users in the tool and processes, and provide mentoring support on an on-call basis for as long as you need it.

System Verification and Validation
System Verification and Validation

If questions like “Are you building the right thing?” and “Are you building it right?” still makes you think you need to pause and evaluate the system engineering processes your business uses.

New to this? I am specialised in validation and verification of complex products and I can help your business in deliver the product successfully.

Smart Reporting with IBM Rational Publishing Engine
Smart Reporting with IBM Rational Publishing Engine

Document publishing automation improves quality while reducing cost and risk. IBM Rational Publishing Engine automates document generation from Rational solutions and select third-party tools. You can use Rational Publishing Engine to automate the generation of documents for ad hoc use, formal reviews, contractual obligations or regulatory compliance. Built-in capabilities extract data from a range of data sources to help reduce manual work and risk of errors.

New to this? I am specialised in designing IBM Rational Publishing Engine template that will allow you to produce high quality documents extrapolating data from a single or from multiple sources such as DOORS Modules or XML files.  A few clicks and your report will be ready!

Issue Tracking and Task Management with Atlassian JIRA
Issue Tracking and Task Management with Atlassian JIRA

“Atlassian provides the tools to help every team unleash their full potential.” Get the best out of Atlassian JIRA for bug tracking and task management. This Australian company has revolutionized the way teams work together.

New to this? I am specialized in setting up Atlassian JIRA for your business by customizing workflows and reporting. Let me help your business to join hundreds of business around the World that are successfully using JIRA for daily work.

Contractual BID and Technical Documentation Review
Contractual BID and Technical Documentation Review

Not sure about the quality of your technical documents? Are you struggling preparing contractual bid?  Let me help your business during this delicate phase of defining a business opportunity.

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Hi! I’m Marco!  

As you may have already noticed, I am a Freelance System Engineer but that’s not all about me! I enjoy life in several ways and little things make me happy. I escape the daily-life now and then by traveling and taking photos.  It’s a way to keep my feet on the ground and to focus on values that matter the most. 

I like sports, I like doing sports! Don’t ask me about any football matches that had happened during the last weekend, I don’t care! I do swimming and I play tennis. I like also climbing and biking.  I am not professional at any of them, I simply like the different challenge that each sport set for me.

I love hiking because mountains remind me how little we are and how perseverance and dedication can lead anybody towards a goal. I am also a novice diver looking forward running into Captain Nemo during my next dive.

I keep learning from people around me, from books and life experience. Life is a continuous journey of amazing rides and challenges at times, why not joining it?

If you wish to stay in contact, drop me a line!

Thanks for passing by! Take care!


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